LASEK and LASIK – What is the Difference?

An usual error when it come to laser eye surgical treatment requires complication in between lasek vs lasik procedures. To begin, both treatments audio comparable and also are both generally used to correct the same problems with sight – specifically, nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia as well as astigmatism. Additionally, the same lasers are used for both eye operations and also the very same quantity of time is called for to perform either procedure. So what’s the difference between both treatments, as well as exactly how can you make certain you inevitably go with the right one?

LASIK (Laser-Assisted Sitting Keratomileusis) and LASEK (Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis) are similar in a variety of means. However, they additionally vary in considerable ways, eventually calling for prospects and their optical specialist to seriously take into consideration various situations before picking a procedure.

One of the most significant differences relates to the level of vision correction each procedure supplies. Generally, LASIK is recommended for lower levels of correction (between -6 and 3.50 dioptres or under), while LASEK is suggested for greater improvement requirements. What’s even more, LASIK needs a specific density of corneal cells to achieve a pain-free treatment and for rapid recuperation, while LASEK is more appropriate for thin or level corneas.

An additional difference concerns the actual treatment. While both sorts of surgical treatments use the very same lasers, LASIK cuts the epithelium and also stroma to a higher thickness – 100-180 – which is why the corneal cells requires to be thicker. During LASEK, the epithelium is cut to a density of 50 microns, while the stroma is left uncut. In addition, it utilizes a trephine, which is a better blade than that used in other procedures.

Both procedures make use of an excimer laser to after that get rid of corneal tissue under the epithelial/corneal tissue flap. Therefore, the primary difference is the thickness of the flap, which includes corneal stroma cells in LASIK as well as just epithelial tissue in LASEK.

One more distinction in between both treatments is that LASIK involves much less pain than LASEK – with essentially no discomfort – and also 20/20 vision can normally be achieved. Nevertheless, there are no complications of stromal flaps with LASEK, and also such individuals usually experience less completely dry eye.

While it is important to do some study and also understand the facts behind LASIK as well as LASEK surgical procedure prior to picking to have actually either procedure done, the most effective recommendations you can acquire is from a specialist specialising in both procedures. An optical surgeon can perform ideal examinations and also suggest a laser treatment based on your distinct visual scenarios – ensuring you obtain the therapy that’s right for you.